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Older photos and videos

Unfortuantely no newer photos on this page at the moment. Here some photos from a long time ago ... but we really have not changed that much (we will leave this for you to decide, but would prefer if you won't tell us the truth):

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You may enjoy our demonstration at the Cambridge Union - a long time ago. We obviously have improved since then

13 jo kata

See step-by-step images for the 13 jo (staff) kata (form) that we practice.

Older Photos

What does an aikido class look like?

If you have never been to an aikido class, and you want to know what you can expect to see, we have selected a few photos from our dojo which feature teachers and students training in various aspects of aikido.

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"One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train"

Morihei Ueshiba